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The Children's Playhouse

400 Tracy Circle, Boone.

Come play with us!

Indoor-Outdoor fun for

kids from birth to 8

Open Tuesday-Friday 10-5

and Saturdays 10-3pm



Boone Cellular

 • Cell phone repair

iPhone, Samsung, & Android

• Cracked screen repair

• Cell phone accessories


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Next to Peabody's

Marathon Chiropractic


Ryan Woods, DC

Amanda LoPiccolo, DC


Marathon Chiropractic Clinic

Welcomes the Addition of 

Dr Amanda LoPiccolo!


Open Saturday's 

with Dr Amanada LoPiccolo


920 W King St

Call 828-264-6474 for appts

Click here for more details

Sometimes Everyone Can Win


Open Letter to the Watauga 

County Board of Education

& The Watauga County




Historic Valle Crucis, NC 28691

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 Regional Roundup for August 23, 2019

StationTempHighLowWind SpeedWind GustPrecpLast Update
Asheville72.8 °F86.3 °F66.6 °FSW @ 0 mph2 mph0.41 in10:37 pm
Asheville Airport71.1 °F84.2 °F66.2 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph1.03 in10:00 pm
Asheville UNCA70.9 °F85 °F65.8 °FSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.40 in10:26 pm
Black Mountain Not Reporting
Weaverville70.4 °F86.1 °F66 °FSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.23 in10:30 pm
Jefferson68.4 °F79.5 °F65.1 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.09 in10:39 pm
Laurel Ridge Not Reporting
Phillips Gap70 °F82.1 °F65.4 °FSW @ 0 mph1 mph0.17 in10:38 pm
Warrensville67.4 °F81.2 °F64.3 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.08 in10:40 pm
West Jefferson68.1 °F81.5 °F65 °FSW @ 0 mph0 mph0.14 in10:36 pm
Banner Elk65.8 °F77.6 °F62 °FSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.34 in10:40 pm
Beech Mountain66.2 °F70.2 °F61.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:25 pm
Crossnore66.1 °F79.4 °F60.7 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:30 pm
Elk River East70.8 °F76.8 °F66.8 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:37 pm
Elk River West65.9 °F77.2 °F63.3 °FWSW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:38 pm
Linville65.9 °F80.1 °F62.5 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.05 in10:34 pm
Linville Land Harbor Not Reporting
Linville Ridge65.4 °F76.2 °F60.7 °FENE @ 0 mph7 mph0.53 in10:29 pm
Newland66.6 °F84 °F62 °FNE @ 0 mph0 mph0.18 in10:32 pm
Seven Devils65.6 °F78.8 °F62.2 °FE @ 0 mph0 mph0.42 in10:40 pm
Sugar Mountain63.6 °F75.5 °F61 °FW @ 3 mph4 mph0.66 in10:38 pm
Sugar Mountain Top63.2 °F69.2 °F58.5 °FSSW @ 5 mph6 mph0.56 in10:35 pm
Aho-Sorrento66.3 °F76.5 °F62.7 °FSSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.47 in10:39 pm
Appalachian Ski Mtn67.3 °F73.9 °F62.4 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.50 in10:34 pm
Blackberry67.6 °F80.4 °F64.7 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.58 in10:38 pm
Boone68.4 °F78.5 °F64.7 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph0.23 in10:39 pm
Deep Gap Not Reporting
Grandfather Vyd65.9 °F80.8 °F62.2 °FSSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.49 in10:39 pm
Powder Horn Mountain70.8 °F85.8 °F67.4 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.18 in10:37 pm
Seven Devils65.6 °F78.8 °F62.2 °FE @ 0 mph0 mph0.42 in10:40 pm
Sky Valley64.6 °F74.1 °F62.2 °FNW @ 0 mph1 mph0.30 in10:40 pm
Snake Mountain Not Reporting
The Blowing Rock67.9 °F77 °F62.9 °FWNW @ 1 mph3 mph0.47 in10:40 pm
Valle Crucis73.5 °F80.1 °F67.1 °FE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in9:46 pm
Watauga High67 °F79.6 °F64.1 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.24 in10:40 pm
Zionville65.3 °F80.8 °F65.3 °FNNE @ 2 mph2 mph0.17 in10:39 pm
Burnsville (Hawk Branch)67.6 °F81.1 °F64 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.31 in10:37 pm
Galax70.5 °F83.3 °F67.5 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.10 in10:39 pm
Independence68.3 °F83.3 °F65 °FNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in10:35 pm
Twin Co. Airport69.4 °F81.5 °F66.2 °FN @ 3 mph3 mph0.02 in10:20 pm
Floydfest66.7 °F78.9 °F65 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:31 pm
Galax70.5 °F83.3 °F67.5 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.10 in10:40 pm
Independence68.3 °F83.3 °F65 °FNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in10:40 pm
Whitetop Not Reporting
Asheville Airport71.1 °F84.2 °F66.2 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph1.13 in10:00 pm
Hendersonville69.9 °F85.2 °F65.7 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph1.00 in10:40 pm
Hickory70.7 °F89.2 °F68.6 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph0.26 in10:39 pm
Hickory Airport71.1 °F88 °F69.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.12 in9:55 pm
Blackberry67.6 °F80.4 °F64.7 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.58 in10:34 pm
Lenoir72.8 °F84.1 °F69.6 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:36 pm
Morganton-Lenoir Airport70 °F88 °F63 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph1.44 in10:40 pm
Old Fort74.8 °F93 °F68 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.64 in10:32 pm
Bakersville74.7 °F83.3 °F65.6 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:36 pm
Spruce Pine69.4 °F83.3 °F64.3 °FESE @ 2 mph4 mph0.64 in10:39 pm
Morganton72.4 °F88.5 °F69.3 °FNE @ 0 mph0 mph0.48 in10:32 pm
Morganton-Lenoir Airport70.3 °F88 °F63 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph1.44 in10:20 pm
Laurel Ridge Not Reporting
Roaring Gap69.4 °F78.9 °F64.9 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.41 in10:34 pm
Sparta69 °F77.7 °F65.1 °FWSW @ 0 mph1 mph0.15 in10:38 pm
North Surry72.5 °F90.4 °F69.7 °FE @ 0 mph0 mph0.11 in10:30 pm
Surry Co. Airport75.6 °F90.1 °F70.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in10:15 pm
Waynesville69 °F85 °F65.1 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.55 in10:39 pm
Laurel Ridge Not Reporting
North Wilkesboro Not Reporting
Phillips Gap70.2 °F82.1 °F65.4 °FSW @ 0 mph2 mph0.17 in10:28 pm
Roaring River Not Reporting
Wilkes Airport71.6 °F87.8 °F68 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.05 in10:20 pm
Wolf Laurel65.5 °F75.1 °F60.4 °FNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.02 in10:37 pm
Wytheville Not Reporting