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Mountain Aire Golf


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• Feel the Mountain Aire


-30 minutes from Boone

-45 minutes from Wilkesboro


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Mountain Aire Golf

West Jefferson, NC 


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 Experience Hound Ears Club


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It’s blue skies ahead at

Skyline National Bank,

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Stick Boy Bread Co

345 Hardin Street



Stick Boy Kitchen


Limited Dine-In






Open for walk in



Check out our new

Market selections.

Stock your cupboards

and refreigerator

with Stick Boy!

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Current Conditions

Temp: 69.0°F

Forecast Last Updated at Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 6:39AM

Refreshing after Isaias

Isaias made landfall late last night as a Category 1 hurricane near Ocean Isle and races up the East Coast today. In the storm's wake we have a really nice day with a pleasant breeze and seasonal temperatures. That being said, a front slips through from the west late this afternoon and will spark a few isolated thundershowers. The front gets hung up across the NC Piedmont the next few days prompting "scattered" afternoon thundershowers for the remainder of the work week. .

Winners in the 2021 Blue Ridge Calendar Photo Contest (you'll have to scroll down a bit) have been announced. Our graphic designer is putting the calendar together now and it will go off to the printer in a few weeks.


Hi: 76 Lo: 59

A good amount of sunshine; Isolated PM t-showers; NW wind 5-15 mph becoming light at night

Hi: 78 Lo: 61

More afternoon clouds; Scattered PM showers and t-showers; South wind 5-10 mph, but light Wed. night

Hi: 78 Lo: 61

Partly sunny; Scattered PM showers and t-showers; South wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 79 Lo: 61

Afternoon clouds; Scattered PM showers and t-showers

Hi: 80 Lo: 61

Partly cloudy afternoon; Isolated PM showers or t-showers

Further Out

Sunday - Partly cloudy; Widely scattered afternoon to early evening showers & t-showers; High near 80 degrees; Low in the lower 60s
Monday - Afternoon clouds; You guessed it, more hit or miss PM showers & t-showers; High near 80 degrees; Low in the lower 60s

Forecast Discussion

Tropical Storm Isasias is in southeastern VA this morning and rides west of the I-95 corridor to New York state this evening and into Canada tonight. The storm still has a lot of muscle, but we'll put this conversation to bed after today. I'm glad I don't have to pronounce the name out loud, it's been a struggle :-).

A front on the other side of the Appalachians moves through this afternoon and stalls in the NC Piedmont to Coastal Plain Wednesday through Friday. That's close enough to keep us in a scattered afternoon thundershower pattern the next three days. Drier air is forced south for a spell this weekend as high pressure moves in from the north pushing the front towards the coast. Shower coverage goes down a few notches Saturday and Sunday.


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