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Snow Totals for Boone, NC

Winter 2013-2014

Choose Another Year:

Date Snowfall (inches) Comment
10/23/20130.0"Flurries with some sleet; No Accumulation
10/25/20130.5"Snow fell late Thursday night
11/26/20130.2"Trace of snow/ice overnight. Melted by 4AM.
12/8/20130.1"Light glaze of freezing rain on exposed surfaces
12/14/20130.1"Light glaze of freezing rain
12/15/20130.0"Flurries, no accumulation
12/17/20130.0"Burst of wet snow about 7 PM, no accumulation
12/24/20130.0"Flurries and snow showers; Dusting
1/2/20141.0"Afternoon rain changed to snow around sunset
1/6/20141.5"As of 5 PM
1/15/20140.5"Flurries and snow showers began around noon.
1/18/20140.5"Snow began sunset 1/17. Total overnight.
1/19/20140.2"Brief light snow around sunrise
1/21/20142.0"Light snow began about 11 AM, accumulation began 1 PM.
1/23/20140.0"Trace amount of snow, no accumulation
1/25/20141.0"Light snow began about noon. Most snow fell noon to 3PM.
1/28/20141.5"Light snow started before sunrise.
2/5/20140.0"Wet snow showers and flurries late afternoon; No accumulation
2/6/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
2/9/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
2/10/20140.3"Light snow almost all day and night
2/12/20148.0"Light snow started around noon. Heavy evening snow. This report includes overnight snow through 7 AM
2/13/20140.5"Noon report for new snow since 7 AM.
2/15/20141.3"Snow between 4 AM and noon
2/17/20140.3"Evening sleet/snow changed to freezing rain then to rain after midnight
3/3/20140.3"Rain changed to snow about 2 PM
3/6/20142.0"Snow started about 6:30 PM. 9:45 PM report.
3/7/20145.0"Additional snow since midnight as of 8:15 AM. (7" total so far)
3/13/20141.0"Snow from around sunset 3/12 to early morning 3/13.
3/17/20140.2"Freezing rain and sleet as of 11 AM.
3/25/20147.5"2.5" by 7:30 AM. Mostly melted by noon. 5" in the PM hours.
3/30/20140.3"Early morning snow showers ending by 9 AM.
4/15/20140.0"Trace amount of snow in the afternoon
Total Ice & Snow 37.8"